America the ugly


TTrumphose who want to hide what is going on in the United States are trying to deflect the public outrage about the plight of the children who were separated from their parents towards Time Magazine who used the picture of this child to illustrate the anguish of all these infants. Trump is blaming the whistle blower instead of the child molesters.

I understand that this young girl was not separated from her mother, they both got away. The father of the girl is proud that the image of his daughter was used to illustrate the plight of the 2 500 children who were unlawfully separated from their parents. He is a strong man, a compassionate man who understands what is going on, that what goes around comes around, and that denouncing child abusers is his role, in his family and in public.

The American government is now saying that it will take months to reunite children with their grief-stricken parents. The Trump administration is acting in bad faith, this is the strongest and the richest country in the world. Obama was able to wrestle the USA out of a major recession. Trump can and should reunite these children within a week, but to him being strong is doing bad things. He is not strong, he needs to hide what he is doing, he does not have the what-you-might-call-it to confront those who oppose him, he is a weakling hiding behind the skirts of his mother, or in the present context behind the lady justice, to avoid being called out.

In this modern world it is often difficult to define the role a man. Virility has become an abstract concept, but we know the role of parents is to protect the children, not only their children but also the children of the community. A real man needs no instruction on how to treat a pregnant woman: to offer his seat in a bus; to wait until she is seated, to start a meeting; to walk on the street side of a sidewalk; and finally to recognize that a woman accompanying children in a public must be given the right of way.

When a desperate child knock’s on a door, and real man necessarily takes it in and cares for it as if it was his own. The role of the ultimate male, the president of the United States, is to protect the children of his country and the children of the families who ask for asylum. This is a self-evident truth, and that is why it is included in the American constitution. That law is not a sign of weakness but rather an expression of strength, by strong independent men who knew what their role was in a society where women stayed at home with the children. Society has changed, the truth has not! The responsibility of drafting and voting laws is now shared by both women and men, the responsibility of caring for the young is also a shared responsibility.

It is also an expression of human decency.